Tuesday, December 18, 2007

proudly imperfect mothers

My sister Kiersten surprised me the other night with an early Christmas present: "it's a mom thing: Real World Insights for Proudly Imperfect Mothers" by Tina Neidlein. I spent the next 20 minutes flipping through the book and laughing my head off! It's just a series of short blurbs and jewels of wisdom that make you feel better about not being the "perfect" mother.

"I still try to buy cute underwear, but not too cute, because what do you think got me into this mess?"

"Parenting magazines are perfect for those times when you're not feeling inadequate enough on your own."

"Relax! Nowhere on your gravestone is it gonna say, 'She gave her kids too much soda'."

This book would make a great stocking stuffer or coffee table book for any mom who understands the value of a good chocolate chip cookie or a warm bubble bath. Thanks again, Kiersten!


James and Heather English said...

What a cute gift idea! I want it for myself! Good job Kiersten. I love the cute underwear quote, that is great!

Kelly & Gary said...

I was with her when she bought that for you- Hallmark actually has LOTS of cute books like that! We couldn't stop laughing though because it seemed totally you, Megan. I think there is even a funny quote about Oprah? ;)

Mother of Two said...

I think I need this book!! I agree with Heather on the underwear quote! I love it! Different subject now...so, i wasn't sure at first what you were talking about "love child of Edward & Bella"..the first thing that came to mind was Twilight..not cause I have read it but I have seen different info abt it And I know it has vampires in it (right?) and I know the guys name is Edward...then I finished ready the rest of your comment & laughed...I guess it is time for me to come borrow your copy! I am sure that I will love the books!

Melanie Whiting said...

I need this book too. I hate parenting magazines!! They are too unrealistic and make you feel like you are a horrible mother.