Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project Runway Season 8 finale

It's been a couple of weeks, but I wanted to post some of the amazing collection pieces from Project Runway's Season 8 finale. Ultimately, Gretchen Jones walked away the winner, but my favorite designer (and collection) was Mondo Guerra. (Andy South also turned out some beautiful clothes well). Here are some of the highlights from the Fashion Week runway...

Who was your favorite designer this season?

Andy South

Gretchen Jones
Mondo Guerra

*photos courtesy of Daylife


Karolina said...

I liked Gretchen through the season, but I didn't like her final collection... It was too 70's bohemian for me. I liked Mando's and Andy's better! But all in all it was a great season!!!!

Ann Marie said...

I haven't ever watched it.. but it was fun to read about it and see some of the designes from each designer... :)

PS: Chad and I watched EVERY Vampire Diaries episode over the weekend!
Whoa! Crazy stuff happening!!

Gallegos Family said...

I don't get this channel, but I love the top 2 outfits by South!

Aimless said...

The funny thing about looking at these outfits is that, although I understand they took a great deal of artistic ability to design.....who would wear it??? I mean, seriously people. Can you see me wandering the isles of walmart in any of these? haha. Ok, maybe thats unfair because people who can afford outfits like these don't shop at walmart, but you know what I mean.

I think I just might enjoy t-shirt and jeans too much to appreciate these designers.

NutMeg said...

Karolina: I was hot and cold about Gretchen for most of the season. Maybe it was just her "attitude" that turned me off. Still, it was a great season and a lot of fun to watch!

Ann: Call me so we can catch up on Vampire Diaries!

Camille: You don't get Lifetime? :( Sad. I don't know what I would do without Project Runway. And I agree - Andy's collection was gorgeous. Did you know he was from Hawaii?

Amie: I understand your frustration with the "Runway" look. I agree - taken as a whole everything is a big...overwhelming. It's certainly nothing I would wear. But take each piece by itself, for example any of Mondo's shirts and put them with a cute pair of jeans or a long black skirt...It would be totally cute!

Susan C said...

By far, Mondo was my favorite designer! Gretchen's collection seemed sad to me and Andy had some beautiful clothes but it just wasn't consistent.