Friday, November 5, 2010

famous movie homes

I have been meaning to do this post for some time, and today I finally sat down to write it.

Occasionally, when I watch a movie, I tend to notice the setting or locations more than I watch the film itself. I especially love seeing homes in movies - I love to see the way other people live, or at least the way I imagine that they live. In fact some movie homes are places that will always stick with me. Here are a few of my favorites:

Tara from Gone With the WindTara wasn't just a beautiful house or a large plantation, for Scarlett O'Hara it was a state-of-mind. It represents everything that she worked so hard to reclaim throughout the movie, so it's no wonder that it is the last place she goes just before the film ends. Unfortunately, Tara was only a Hollywood film set, and not an actual house. Still, I love the look of it's stately marble columns and deep southern charm.

Green Gables from Anne of Green GablesThis home is as important to my childhood as it was for Anne when she first came to Green Gables. It represents a place to come home to, a place of friendship, of patchwork quilts and homemade bread, and a place where a young girl was encouraged to be exactly who she wanted to be. I can picture Marilla sitting in her rocking chair on the veranda; it's a warm summer night, and she's watching the horse-drawn buggies come clopping down the lane.

Cullen residence from TwilightTypically I am an old fashioned girl and I don't care for modern architecture. However, a house is really just some wood and nails until a family moves in, and one of my favorite fictional families is the Cullens. I love the large windows and big, spacious rooms. This house has a light, airy feeling, and not a place anyone would ever associate with vampires. Best of all is Edward's room, which is full of music and memorabilia that he has collected over the years. I would love to spend a couple of hours there.

Karen Blixen's home from Out of AfricaI love this movie, and I love this home. The best part is, is that this was the house they used to film the movie,and it was also the home of the real Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dinesen) when she lived and loved and worked in Africa. This home represents the sweep and scope of the film as well as the lush wildlife and scenery of Kenya. Some of the best features of this house are the large stone facade, big bay windows, and gigantic wrap-around porch. Someday I hope I can stop in and see this place for myself.

The Owens Sister's house from Practical Magic
I have always loved the style and look of historical New England homes, and this one takes the cake. From the old fashioned windows, to the antique wallpaper, and the hand-carved wood furnishings, this house has it all. Every time I watch this movie I wish I could be an Owens woman and live with my sisters in this big, beautiful home! Once again, this was a house that was built specifically for the film, and when the movie was done it was torn down. Sad! I totally would have moved in...

Blakeney Manor from The Scarlet PimpernelAnd now for the finale! Of course I had to put an English home on my list, and after narrowing my choices considerably (Pemberley was a BIG contender), I decided to go with Milton Manor (aka the Blakeney residence from The Scarlet Pimpernel). I'm not sure I need to sell you on this home, because really, all you have to do is look at the picture and it's love at first sight. Someday I would love to travel back to England and do a tour of this house. Maybe Percy would invite me to stay for afternoon tea?

What is your favorite movie house?


Englishfam said...

How could you forget Swiss Family Robinson???!!! That is the best! Great post though. :)

TLC said...

I love this list!!! I've seen all those movies except for two.

Gone with the wind though, is a huge favorite of mine. I mean, I'm a southern girl LOL

I love looking at places and sceanery. I think that if those two areas are not well done, regardless of the actors...the movie is not for me. Anywho, i would add the home from Father and the Bride and also the home in the new movie that just came out "Life as we know it"....It was so beautiful and so Atlanta style, where the film takes place.

Englishfam said...

I also remembered another one, the Von Trapp house in Sound of Music. One of my favs!

Susan C said...

I love the house at Green Gables!

Aimless said...

I love all these houses, especially the Practical Magic house! It's so unusual yet classic at the same time. Whimsical would be a good word to describe it. I've always really liked the "cottage" on Sense and Sensibility too. I say that in quotes because to me it would be a mansion even though they considered it quite small.

NutMeg said...

Heather: Swiss Family Robinson and Von Trapp house! How could I forget?! Great ones Heather! Totally wished I could live in a tree house, have a pet tiger and throw coconut bombs at random people. :)

Tierra: Father of the Bride is a good one too. I also thought of the house from The Family Stone, but it didn't make the list. And I've never seen Life As We Know It...

Aime: I always thought the same thing about the Sense & Sensibility house. A cottage? Well if that's a cottage, sign me up!

I LOVED everyone's pics! Maybe each of you ought to do your own list of favorite movie houses? xoxo

Heidi said...

What a creative post topic! I am in love with Green Gables of course! I also love the style of home from Practical Magic- my dream home has a turret... with built-in window seat and bookshelves- my reading getaway!
And Swiss Family Robinson! Totally!
Now I'm going to be checking out the architecture every time I watch a movie from now on! :)

Ann Marie said...

Great idea for a post.. and I may have to copy it!

Where have I been? Have I ever seen Out of Africa and Practical magic? Nope. I guess I need to rent them!

I love your list.. and a few would be on mine.. but one of my absolute favorites is of course: The Notebook! :)

Gallegos Family said...

I love all of these homes. I could just hear some of our favorite quotes as I looked at the houses. I have to add the estate in Meet Joe Black.

NutMeg said...

Heidi: I love your idea for a reading nook! Seriously - someday my friend!

Ann: You've never seen Practical Magic??? One of my all-time favorite chick flicks! I LOVE that movie, and you are going to die when you see inside that house. P.S. Feel free to do your own post about movie homes. :)

Camille: I Googled pictures of the Meet Joe Black house. Gorgeous! Can I come move in with you when you buy it? LOL

Angie. said...

Ooh, I say Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice and the white plantation house in The Notebook (as well as some that were already mentioned...)