Tuesday, February 2, 2010

highest grossing films

With Avatar poised to take over the title of highest grossing movie of all time, I was curious to see what other movies had high box office numbers. Most everyone knows that Titanic holds the top spot, however, Entertainment Weekly reports that if you were to adjust for inflation, Titanic only comes in at #6! (It is important to remember that 50 years ago the cost of a movie ticket was a lot less than the cost of a movie ticket today). So, if you were re-arranging the numbers to factor inflation into the equation, here are the true highest grossing movies of all-time. Which one is your favorite?

1. Gone With the Wind - MGM, 1939

Adjusted gross: $1,507,252,900 Original gross: $198,676,459

2. Star Wars - Fox, 1977

Adjusted gross: $1,328,772,200 Original gross: $460,998,007

3. The Sound of Music - Fox, 1965
Adjusted gross: $1,062,418,700 Original gross: $158,671,368

4. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - Universal, 1982

Adjusted gross: $1,058,233,300 Original gross: $435,110,554

5. The Ten Commandments - Paramount, 1956
Adjusted gross: $977,260,000 Original gross: $65,500,000

6. Titanic - Paramount, 1997
Adjusted gross: $957,460,300 Original gross: $600,788,188

7. Jaws - Universal, 1975

Adjusted gross: $955,468,000 Original gross: $260,000,000

8. Doctor Zhivago - MGM, 1965
Adjusted gross: $926,050,500 Original gross: $111,721,910

9. The Exorcist - Warner Brothers, 1973
Adjusted gross: $824,842, 300 Original gross: $232,671,011

10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Disney, 1937

Adjusted gross: $813,140,000 Original gross: $184,925,486

*With adjusted grosses, Avatar currently holds the #21 spot (and climbing).
Data obtained from www.boxofficemojo.com.


Suzanne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Gone with the Wind is #1. Makes my heart very happy! Look at you Megan, you are on a blogging role here! Wow! I have never felt so close to you in my life! I love it! Hope your day is filled with sunshine and birds singing out your window! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

~ And I just don't get why Gone with the wind was so great? I thought it was just OK.

So happy with most of the list. Of course Star wars deserves to be up there!

Very surprised at Exorcist?! Really?? It made that much! *ewe*

Also shocked about Snow white.. but Disney deserves it! :)

Cristy said...

Wow, I was really surprised about The Exorcist as well. I haven't ever seen it and don't want to. I was also a little surprised about Star Wars because I didn't know it was so popular when it was first released. I think my favorite out of all 10 is The Sound of Music.

In response to your comment on my blog (thank you for all of your comments, by the way) you are right that The Blue Castle isn't in the Anne series. It is categorized as a young adult novel, but I really feel that it is meant for adults. The heroine is a 29-year-old, old maid who finds romance and learns some good life lessons. If you get a chance to read it, I hope you like it!

Me said...

Thanks for sharing this. I was thinking about this stuff just the other day.

And I agree with most of Ann's comments. The list is about what I would have thought except for Exorcist-but I know that that was a popular movie when it first came out because of the hype it got filming it.

Heidi said...

The Sound of Music is one of my top ten, for sure. The others I'm eh about. Well, Star Wars is good, too. I was traumatized at an early age by The Exorcist when it was on TV while my parents were out and Melanie wouldn't change the channel... sisters.

And I've read The Blue Castle several times and *adore* it! (chanting) Read it! Read it! Read it!

Gardner Family said...

Hey Meg,

We are still on base. In a place with twice the square footage and all the ammenities that we had. Everything is explained on the family blog why we chose to move.

Thanks though for the positive vibes our way! ;)

dada said...

Sound of Music is one of my very favorites, and never seem to tire of seeing it. Ben Hur is another one (that was 11, right?). I also loved Avatar. Titanic was good, but I had little interest in seeing it again -- once was enough for me.

Annalise said...

Out of that list I would say that my favorite is the Sound of Music with a close second being Star Wars. I've never seen Gone with the Wind. I've read the book, and loved it.

Susan C said...

The Annalise person is me Susan. I forgot that she was logged on. :)

NutMeg said...

Susan - Only you would have read Gone With the Wind, but not seen it. I definitely recommend the movie - a classic!