Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar fashion 2009

Cupcake Chowder presents:
2nd annual best-dressed at the Oscars list!
First off, I just want to make note that I was extremely pleased that Slumdog Millionaire walked away the big winner of the evening. It was a wonderful movie, and I hope you all have the opportunity to see it. That being said, on to my list of the most glamorous ladies of the evening...

best-dressed winner is the beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway. Truly, this picture does not do the best actress nominee justice! She looked simple and stunning in her Armani Prive gown.First runner-up goes to Miss Amy Adams who was stunning in scarlet. The dress was made by one of my favorite designers, Carolina Herrera, and the funky and fresh jewels are Fred Leighton. I love this girl!Second runner-up honors go to Penelope Cruz. Penelope always looks amazing on the red carpet, and this year was no exception. I loved the exquisite detail on her vintage Pierre Balmain gown. Congratulations on your win Penelope!The Miss Congeniality award goes to Alicia Keys. I was very surprised to see her all glammed-up in this purple Armani Prive number. She looked soft and elegant, and it was a nice change to see some color (besides ivory) on the red carpet. Honorable mention must be made for Taraji P. Henson. The best supporting actress nominee looked classy in her Roberto Cavalli strapless dress, and Fred Leighton necklace.
Who was your favorite red carpet diva?


Suzanne said...

Just went through the dress pics now. Completely agree with the Anne Hathaway dress. Very striking with her dark hair the red lipstick and the ivory color dress looked beautiful.

I also liked the Alicia Keys dress, although one question, does Alicia Keys have a booty? I was looking at a pic and thought, dang! Not in a bad way, but I just always pictured in my head that she was very thin.

For the rest, I side track from you. My second runner up would be Natalie Portman. Love the soft flow of the dress, the color, the youthful flare, but still completely appropriate looking for the Oscars.

My next best dressed would have to go to a man. That Daniel Craig sure caught my eye. I have not seen any of the Bond movies, so I don't know a lot about him, but he looked pretty snazzy in the tux and those blue eyes.

I know you are going to laugh at this one but hey, who doesn't need a good giggle today. I give my next bessed dressed to Nancy O'Dell, the entertainment reporter. She looked classic in the white/ivory dress and the structure and lines were beautiful.

There you go! Do you mind if I request your Worst dressed?

Mel said...

I didn't watch last night so I love to get your recaps on the dresses. I loved your picks and I really want to go see Slumdog! Everyone said it is so good!

Ann Marie said...

I agree with your list.~ Although I thought Angelina looked beautiful also..
Last night was my first night watching in a LONG time and I know that this is a "dress" post, but I want to share a few thoughts about the Oscars this year..

1- I loved the overall performances.. It seemed more entertaining than past years.
2- I loved that they had past winners come out and say nice things about each of the nominees.. I found it so appropriate... They felt good -even without a win. ~ And I loved, loved Kate Winslet's speech.
3- I totally loved when they showed the wrestler dude for best actor and just left the camera sitting on him for like 5 minutes.. Did you see who was in back of him?? Oh my heck Edward!! I screamed! Because he looked so hot for once out in public! He was dashing! Chad was sitting there laughing, and I was *swooning* it up! I bet it was planned!
4- I HATE Sean Penn now. It's a good thing that I have organizing week this week to post or I would be posting a "RANT" on why I hate hollywoods double standards with Free Speech. Did I say HATE Sean Penn? Yes!!!!

And I know that you loved Slum Dog, but I wish Brad Pitt would have won....

Elaine said...

Natalie Portman and Jennifer Aniston's were both beautiful and the stars looks good too.
Sarah Jessica Parkers dress was pretty but she - not so much.

NutMeg said...

Yes Alicia Keys is definitely "pear shaped". Yay! And I thought Natalie Portman looked great too (she was a consideration for the list). If I were to do a worst dressed list it would probably include Tilda Swinton, Miley Cyrus, and Sophia Lauren. Sorry Sophia, I love you but your dress was too much!

Yes, PLEASE see Slumdog. You will not be disappointed.

I agree, the Oscars this year were better than they have been for quite some time. I liked all the presenters too. And I was screaming for Edward as well! I swear they panned out the camera just to get him in there longer! Woot! Sean Penn is an idiot, and I'm annoyed because I lost the race this year because of him (I voted for Mickey Rourke and it sunk me). Oh well, always next year, right?

Marie said...

I loved Amy Adams' dress and I thought Anne H. looked lovely, thought it wasn't my favorite. And we'll just have to agree to disagree on Penelope.

I loved the changes to the Oscars and hope they're here to stay!

Tierra Lynne said...

Hey Megan,
I agree with all your chocies though i did love Kate's dress and Reeces BUT really, I kept thinking the whole time watching and the camera would go back to her, my favorite was Amy Adams....Oh my gosh I LOVED LOVED that dress!!!

I too felt bummed that mickey Rork didnt win and Sean Penns speech was ridiculous. And oh you all should have seen me jumping up and down in my house when the camera went to Rob behind Mick...He looked dreamy in that tux and his hair looked fab.

I too feel like it had to have been planned because, I thought here Heath Ledgers family was seated like 10 rows back and Heath won the award but yet there was stunning looking rob seconed row back and only really one movie in his back pocket worth something.
Oh well, I LOVED it any way!

Hugh Jackman did a great job! I watched it all and was thinking of you and how your party was going!

Hope you had fun and cant wait for next year!

Oh yeah...Kate Rocked....I was so very happy for her!!!!!

Heidi said...

My favorite two were Taraji P. Henson (for the texture) and Amy Adams (for the bodice and color).

Englishfam said...

My favs were Natalie Portman, Taraji P. Henson, and Jennifer Aniston. I actually liked Miley Cyrus' dress too...I saw that she was on your worst dressed. My least favs would have to be Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Tilda Swinton, and Penelope Cruz---sorry her dress looks like lace curtains gone wrong to me. haha Overall, I thought the dresses were really beautiful this year!

Me said...

I didn't see the whole thing, but your list is pretty accurate as I know it. I liked Kate Winslet's dress, but she looked so old with her hair styled like that that I almost didn't recognize her. And I thought that SJP looked really bad. I wish I would have watched more.

I have to agree with Ann too on 2 points. I was totally laughing when 'Eddie' was behind Mickey and the camera stayed there. I just pictured the reaction of Ann. I also think that Sean Penn is an idiot, but honestly, that is nothing new. I just hate when stars use an awards setting to stand on their soapboxes.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. It was fun to see your choices.

Adele said...

As usual, I didn't get to actually watch the show. But I do totally agree with all your picks being gorgeous. Sill wish they'd let the poor freezing things have something to cover their shoulders with.... but hey! At least it wasn't all see-through and short too.

Lauren said...

I thought Alicia Keys looked AMAZING...and Vanessa Hudgens. I would die for her dress.

Susan said...

I like Amy Adams's dress. I like the style and I like the shade of red.

Smithers said...

I think Penelope and Angelina were both best in show. Those earings Angelina was wearing made the whole outfit--so striking. And Penelope...sigh...if only.