Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spain...on the road Again

I've been tuning in every week to PBS's latest culinary endeavor - Spain...on the road Again. It stars world-renowned chef Mario Batali and Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow (one of my personal favorites). Together they trek through the different regions of Spain, taking in the sights, meeting new people, and of course divulging themselves in the most exquisite gastronomical delights the country has to offer.

As the pair experience anything and everything about Spain, they are also eating food that can only be found locally to that particular area (ie: on the coast they eat seafood). I personally don't imbibe alcohol (which is a frequent staple on the menu and the show), but I can appreciate a good meal when I see one - and they eat a lot of amazing foods! Don't expect a lot of action either. The characters meander at their own leisurely pace. Sometimes they stop to see a local site, or chat with a chef about a particular meal they are about to consume. The rest of the time, they are cruising around in a black Mercedes convertible, with the top down and sharing their thoughts on life, food and everything in-between.

I'm not sure what continues to suck me in to this program every week. Perhaps it's the rapture Mario expresses when sitting down to a well cooked meal, or Gwyneth's beautiful lilting Spanish - but I just can't get enough of this wonderful show! Hopefully some day I will be lucky enough to visit Spain myself. Until then, check your local listings for air times, or log on to Happy viewing!


HeaddaMarie said...

I love that Mario is always wearing shorts & crocs! It seems that is all that is in his wardrobe. Even on Iron Chef he is wearing them. And they always seem brightly colored!

Ann Marie said...

I noticed the crocs too. Funny.
I LOVE Gwenyth!! Oh this would be fun to watch! Thanks~