Saturday, November 15, 2008

Loreena McKennitt

Canadian born singer Loreena McKennitt, is one of those rare artists who combines elements of the past into something universal and relevant to those of us living in the present.
It is obvious through McKennitt's work that she has a deep love of all things ancient. Her music has Celtic and Arabic inspired origins, and most of her lyrics are taken from classical poetry and stories - among them: W.B. Yeats, Dante, Tennyson, and Alfred Noyes. It is this combination of the two which makes her such a special, extraordinary, and widely loved musician.

McKennitt received mainstream popularity a few years ago through her song, "The Mummer's Dance", which had plenty of air-time on many pop/rock channels. To her fans however, she is known as a "New Age" artist - with contemporaries in Enya, Clannad, and Yanni (to name a few). Her haunting and ethereal voice is set to harp, string, and celtic flute, to give her a rich "old world" sound.

Her CD's include: "Book of Secrets", "An Ancient Muse", "The Mask and Mirror", and her newest endeavor, "A Midwinter Night's Dream." My personal favorite of McKennitt's work is probably her album, "The Visit", which includes such tracks as: "All Souls Night", "The Lady of Shallot", a wonderful version of "Greensleeves", and my all-time favorite song: "The Old Ways". However, I also like her "Live From Paris and Toronto" CD, which is a sampling of many of her best works. For more information on the lovely Loreena McKennitt, please visit her website: Happy listening!


Ann Marie said...

Your Dad introduced her to Chad and I a few years ago, and we got her album, and have LOVED her ever since! Her style is awesome!!

Adele said...

Yeah, I love her, too :)