Tuesday, July 29, 2008



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Miss Megan said...

OK so some of you are probably wondering what this post is all about?

My girlfriend Heidi found this cool website called Wordle that lets you make "word clouds". Not sure exactly what that means, but you can either enter your own words (like I did on the first one) and then it automatically generates the word cloud. OR you can enter your blog or website address and it takes your frequently used words and generates a word cloud for you (like I did on the 2nd one). Pretty cool, eh? You can modify it by changes the font, colors or layout of the words.

It's just one more way this little cupcake is wasting time on the internet. Bon appetit!

Heidi and Jason said...

Love your wordles! Especially the first one- very cupcake chowder-y :)

Ann Marie said...

Pretty cool stuff!

Ann Marie said...

I loved reading all of your thoughts and opinions on the books.
I wish you'd keep the labels always up!
Thanks for the labels for Ann..:)