Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Favorite Things III

There is nothing better in the summer than shopping for antiques at consignment stores or garage sales. Abode is one of my favorite places to shop (located in beautiful Salt Lake City). A few weeks ago I went with my cousin Ann and found a gilded mirror, vintage apron, plate racks, porcelain book ends and a dainty little ballerina. How I adore antiques!

I realize this movie has been out for quite some time, but I am happy watching it over and over again. Amy Adams was perfect as the lost princess, and the soundtrack is full of fun songs to sing along to.

Prescriptives by Calyx is a unique combination of citrus fruit and light flower fragrances (think grapefruit and jasmine). Every time I put it on I get an energizing burst of sunshine. It always makes me think of warm summer afternoons. One of my all-time favorite scents.

Stargirl is one of the most amazing books I have read in a really long time. It was funny, honest, quirky, charming, and smart. Although it is considered teen fiction, I think anyone would fall in love with this unique and special story. It is one of the best books I have ever read about being true to yourself and following your heart. Why wasn't this excellent piece of fiction around when I was in high school?


Anonymous said...

I love a good garage sale. Not the lame ones with slim pickings of junk that should really go in the trash, or stickers with high prices showing that the people really value their junk too much to let it go without a fight... but a real, honest-to-goodness garage sale with books, movies, ceramics, linens, furniture, useful items, and knick knacks. Those are the best. Okay, now I know what I'm doing on Saturday!

Cristy said...

I will have to try Stargirl. Thanks for the recommendation!

Ann Marie said...

LOVE this post! ~ And I am very exited to try your neck of the woods tommorow. :)

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing these. I'm looking forward to reading Stargirl. And thanks for introducing me to Enchanted. I loved it. (And I'll have to give your fragrance a sniff. :D)

Gallegos Family said...

Sing along! If you cannot sing then hum along! When we're finishing our happy working song!
I am also addicted to this movie. I just love it when the pigeon eats the roach. So unexpected and hilarious!