Monday, January 14, 2008


Sunday night has come and gone. Were you all able to see Persuasion? I've watched it twice already (and for those who haven't seen it, come over to my house. I have it saved on my DVR). What did you think? Was it good? Mediocre? Who was your favorite character? How did it compare with the 1995 version starring Ciaran Hinds?

As for myself, I thought Rupert Penry-Jones was 10 times better-looking than the old Captain Wentworth, although I did feel at times they made him a little too restrained. However, that being said...I loved the story, the film's quick pacing, and the interesting characters (including the dashing captain). Didn't you feel horrible for the poor spinster Anne Elliot, who no one ever seems to think or care about? As if 27 is a spinster! Ha! My heart broke for her when no one helped her across the fallen log, or ever made reference to her as a suitable match for any of the eligible men. You could feel her pain and humiliation every time someone mentioned Captain Wentworth. Of course it wouldn't be a Jane Austen novel if it didn't have a happy ending, and it was wonderful and fulfilling to finally see her making her own choices; which resulted in a breathless and romantic chase through the streets of Bath!

But enough about what I thought...I want to hear your opinions. Tell me what you loved and hated about this version of Persuasion.

***Next week: Northanger Abbey, which I am very excited about. I have never read the book, and I don't know the story, so I will be experiencing this one for the first time.***


Natalie Harris said...

Wentworth was BEAUTIFUL...and Anne not so beautiful...I do love that about the British casting...seems to be a theme...which I love because I relate -- the average looking woman of the world would like to be able to make a match with the handsome. Her arrogant father's performance was flawless. I too loved the running throught the streets of Bath scene...her only way to explode.
My dang DVR did not work for whatever reason so I am comforted to know where I can come to review it. I also really liked the conversation between Anne and Bennick at the dinner.

Mother of Two said...

I was planning on watching it but I totally forgot...even though earlier that evening I checked online to see what channel & time. Go figure. So, now I know where I can come see this past one that I have missed. I was talking to my MIL abt it so I may see if she wants to get together and watch them, otherwise my poor husband will have to sit thru them with me :)

dada said...

Ha, you had grandpa screaming at the TV, "KISS HER ALREADY YOU FOOL!"

Loved it.

dada said...

BTW, I also DVR'd it, so anyone that wants to watch it with the Babe is welcome to come see it on the new HDTV.

dad said...

Sorry, "the Babe" of course is Kiersten!

Anonymous said...

I am watching my tape of it as I type :) I have not read the book (next stop- library) so the characters were new to me, even though I knew the basic plotline. I really liked it! Anne was a likeable character, even though her hair was a little tight. I thought they made her more restrained than the captain, though. I also liked her scene with Bennick- it showed much about her nature. I thought the issue of wealth- nobility vs. military, and everyone's different perceptions of it, was an interesting aspect. Anne's sister Mary was hilarious with her obnoxious opinions. And Captain Wentworth was perfect! Sigh. I loved the last scene when he showed her the wedding present.

James and Heather English said...

I saw your post this morning, put the boys down for a nap and sat and watched it. Verdict? Loved it. I thought the captain was very handsome, although his hair seemed a little too much 2007 more than the early 1800s. I'm not complaining believe me! I loved his reaction when she told him that he had been misinformed about her proposal to Mr. Elliot. I also was very confused with some of the characters (the ones that were staying in Bath). I may need you to explain some of people and connections, I didn't get it all. I haven't ever read the book or seen any other adaptation, so this was an enjoyable surprise!

Marie said...

I love the version that has Ciaran Hinds (mmmm), and I look forward to seeing this one. I really like this story . . . Btw, Megan, Northanger Abbey is her Gothic novel. :D I read it in school, and it's different from the others, though as insightful into young women as any of them.

Katie said...

I have a friend who was in England when they first broadcast this adaptation and she told me that it had been posted in parts on YouTube, so I actually saw it a few months ago. Anyway, I was really excited to see it again on television. The only thing was that they cut 8 minutes of it for the American version and I was so bummed because they cut a scene where Wentworth goes back to Lyme after leaving for 6 weeks in hopes that Louisa and her family will forget him, and he's talking to Harville (his friend) about how much he realizes now that he loves Anne but that if he has to he will marry Louisa out of honor, and then Harville says that Louisa is engaged to Bennick and Wentworth is all happy and says, "Then I am free," because now he can go to Bath and win Anne. So yeah, they cut that scene. It's on YouTube though (part 7, I think) so you can watch it there :)
I read the book again on Monday/Tuesday and liked it. I hadn't known before that she was actually the middle daughter. Interesting how all the spinster pressure was on her but not her older sister.
I loved Wentworth and my favorite scene was when they ran into each other while escaping the rain. "He ought not. He cannot." So good.
I have the 1995 version on hold at the library. I've actually never seen it and am definitely looking forward to it.
Overall, I really liked this adaptation, but I want my cut scenes back (and they will be in the DVD).
One other quick thought: I also saw Northanger Abbey on YouTube right after I saw Persuasion and it was interesting to compare the two love stories. I definitely feel like Persuasion offers a more mature and lasting type love. I'll be curious to know what you think.
Oh, I'm reading North and South now. Have you read that? I read it once a few years ago and am excited to read it again after seeing the movie again. Wow, this is long. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I am a sucker for a good story. I loved it so much that I ordered it off Amazon for me and also one for my mom. (Mom, if you read this, surprise!) I hope you will sit through it with me, and if I get this house, we can take a laptop outside and watch it in the hot tub.