Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Award fashion 2011

Cupcake Chowder presents:
1st annual best dressed at the MTV Movie Awards

The award for best dressed goes to nominee Emma Watson. Emma has become one of my favorites to watch during red carpet events because she consistently takes risks and consistently looks awesome. Tonight she rocked this white silk Marchesa mini with silver Brian Atwood heels. Perfection!First runner-up belongs to newcomer Hailee Steinfeld in a black Louis Vuitton pantsuit. I thought she looked relaxed and beautiful, and I loved everything from her hair, to her colorful Ellie Patrick clutch, to her sexy peep-toe shoes. Well done Hailee!Second runner-up goes to Twilight actress Kristen Stewart. This is the best Kristen has ever looked at an event! She is rocking a red, safety-pin covered Balmain mini-dress. My biggest frustration with Stewart is that she always appears so uncomfortable and self-conscious at these award shows. If someone would tell her to stand up straight and smile more often, she might have gotten my pick for best dressed.The Miss Congeniality Award goes to nominee and comedienne Emma Stone. I thought she looked so fresh and fun in this Bottega Venetta multi-colored fringe dress. I especially liked the black bow tied at the waist, but I wasn't a huge fan of the matching orange purse and heels. However, the dress was darling, and I thought it matched Emma's personality perfectly.
Honorable Mention goes to presenter Mila Kunis. I liked that she did something a little different tonight by pairing a flashy Balmain miniskirt with a simple black Balmain top. I thought she looked young and hip, and it's definitely an outfit I could see someone wearing off the red carpet. I also liked her sleek hair and dark eye make-up. Mila was undeniably sexy from head to toe.

Who was your favorite red carpet diva?

*Photos courtesy of Getty Images & Wireimage.


Angie. said...

I LOVED Emma & Mila. They're consistent favorites of mine. I thought Kristin's dress was cool, but I always think the same thing about her! She could totally rock it if she didn't always look so awkward!

Heidi said...

Love your picks. Kristen's dress is my favorite, but needs to either cover her up a little more or be a tighter fit on top- I'd be awkward too if I thought my dress was going to slip off me! :)

Cristy said...

I really like your choices, too. I didn't watch the awards but looked through photos last night and for some reason I also liked Selena Gomez's outfit. The top and bottom aren't matchy-matchy, but I thought she looked cute.

I would like to know how the girls that pick short dresses (like Selena and Kristen) sit comfortably during the show. Seriously, how did Kristen's not ride up to her waist when she took her seat? Did she change after walking the red carpet?