Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wills & Kate


TLC said...

I have this on my phone LOL
I'm SOOOOO stoked and excited! If only i could buy two plane tickets and come out and watch it with you.

I would make you wear a hat and we should celebrate with tea and sweet cakes :)


Ann Marie said...

Haha... you and Tierra.
I LOVE your FB profile picture as well. It's so dashing!!!!

Thanks for getting the tickets.
See you Saturday!!!

Gardner Family said...

I seriously contemplated buying you the princess Di replica engagement ring that I saw on a infomercial.....seriously....not even kidding.....

PS There is a commercial playing on some channel like Lifetime and it starts by saying, "The movie event you have been waiting for your whole life..............Will and Kate the movie".......
I cracked up laughing and at the same time totally thought of you.

Colleen said...

How in the world have I missed your blog ???????????????? this is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your friend,