Friday, January 8, 2010

Sophie Soprano

One of my favorite artists is a local gal named Sophie Soprano. She is the alter ego of fine artist Lynn Farrar (who also happens to be my aunt)! While Lynn paints more conservative seascapes, landscapes, quaking aspen, animals, and farm life, Sophie ventures into whimsical scenes of flying foxes, bicycling sheep, hot air balloon rides and talking chickens. And while I love both styles, her work as Sophie Soprano is my absolute favorite.

This first painting is called "Christmas Morning" and was featured in her children's book Laughing All the Way. I love that she always uses lots of bright colors and smiling faces.This second painting is called "Family Fantasia Farm" and was displayed at the Two Sister's Fine Art Gallery in Midway, Utah. I love her attention to detail, and that most of her paintings feature ordinary animals or people doing extraordinary things. Today is Lynn's birthday, so please make sure and wish her a "Happy Birthday" in the comment section! For more information about Sophie Soprano or Lynn Farrar art, please visit her website or click on the link in my sidebar. Happy viewing!

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Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Sophie Soprano!! I really enjoyed the bottom painting. It's unusual angles and diversity of activities was quite entertaining to look at. It reminded me of I spy, looking at all the little details. She is a wondeful artist! -Suzanne