Monday, January 25, 2010

Nati's Mexican Restaurant

Nati's Mexican Restaurant, located in Ocean Beach, California has been a family tradition for many years. My Grandpa Tenney started eating there in the 1960's during the good old days of .35 cent tacos! To this day, it remains one of our all-time favorite places to eat in the San Diego area.

This year, Nati's is turning 50, and most of their longevity can be attributed to the fact that their food and menu have stayed relatively the same. From tamales to tostadas, chile rellenos to chimichangas, Nati's has something for everyone...And their enchilada sauce? To die for!
The restaurant itself is nothing special. It's a little dive nestled among the surf shops and tattoo parlors of Ocean Beach. On a sunny day, I like to sit in the vine-covered patio and sip a virgin margarita, while I listen to the sounds of the waves in the distance (the Ocean Beach Pier is about 50 feet away). The chips and salsa are very good, but it's the jalapeno soaked carrots that really get your nose running! Next I'll have the carne asada burrito (smothered of course) with fresh guacamole and a side of Spanish rice (reasonably priced around $9). My other favorite meal is the sour cream enchiladas, which are served with savory ground beef and thick slices of ripe California avocados. Top off the meal with some after-dinner mints and a stroll along the pier, and you are looking at one happy lady. If you ever happen to be in the San Diego area, please do yourself a favor and stop by Nati's Mexican Restaurant on Bacon Street in Ocean Beach. Oh, and say hello to Louisa for me...she has been a waitress there since my first visit in 1980. Happy eating!


Suzanne said...

Megan, my mouth is watering and it is 6:45 am in the morning! You are KILLING me!

What a wonderful family tradition. I want to eat there and then take a stroll too! Aw! You live a good life!

Hope your time in California was Grand! -Suzanne

dada said...

Hoping to visit this summer -- it's been way too long!

Mel said...

Yummy you got my mouth watering too. Such a classic place for our family! Can't wait to hear all about your trip, I am sure you had a great time!

Gardner Family said...

OK you have inspired me to try them again. The last two times we have gone we have not enjoyed the food. You know that for us as well, it holds very special memories. But we felt the food had gone down hill.

However, we will try them once more. And I am totally getting that smothered carne sada burrito. Even if it does require extra time on the treadmill!