Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giveaway time!

Dearest cupcakes-

This time of year with the holidays fast approaching can be stressful and expensive. As women, I know that we rarely take time for ourselves. In appreciation to all my friends, family and blog readers out there I have decided to do a blog giveaway to Azalea Day Spa and Salon in Pleasant Grove!

My sister Kelly is an amazing stylist there, and my sister Kiersten just joined the staff as an esthetician (ie: waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc.). They always do such a great job keeping me in style, that I wanted to share the blessing. In order to be entered into the random drawing, please submit your full name and a favorite Christmas memory or experience. Winners will be announced in a few days, so keep checking back, and be sure to tell your friends too! You could win:

1st place: Free haircut, plus 15% off any salon treatment.

2nd place: 15% off any salon treatment.

3rd place: $5 off any salon treatment.

For more information about Azalea Day Spa and Salon, please visit their website:
www.azaleadayspa.com or look for them on Facebook. Happy holidays!


Me said...

Wow, I really haven't been on blogs for such a long time. I have heard nothing but good things about this salon and especially the stylist. Too bad they are so far away from me!

I don't ever win anything, so I'm not entering this giveaway, but I'll share my memory anyways. My favorite memory is going to breakfast w/Santa every year. We would go on Christmas Eve to ZCMI and I loved it. I'm trying to do it with my kids, but no where is as good as the Tiffin Room. We would make our lists and give them to Santa and we would get them in the mail with a north pole post mark a couple of weeks later. Plus, I think I had a crush on at least 1 performer every year!

Adele said...

You're such a cutie!! Won't do me much good, being on the other side of the world, as I am. Literally. But I think it's a great idea :D

Englishfam said...

One of my favorite Christmas memories was recieving a talking cabbage patch doll on Christmas morning when I was about 5 or 6. I had told my mom that I knew Santa was real if I got one, so my mom went out CHRISTMAS EVE and spent 100 dollars to get it for me!! Now that is dedication. The funniest part was the stupid thing didn't even work, but I still thought it was amazing. I still have it to this day!
Enter me!! I want to win!! Great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I have two. I can't decide between them. The first is of my younger brother wearing my mum's wedding dress in our family nativity. He was the angel for a good number of years, until he realized that it was a dress and NOT an actual angel costume. The pictures are priceless. He even had blond curly hair.
The second is from about 8 years ago. My baby sister was about 13 and had the attitude to go with it. She received a letter from Santa's elves warning her that she was almost on the naughty list, but Santa, being a good sort of guy, gave her the benefit of the doubt. We got it on video! Great moments in family history.

(from Emily R b/c I can't remember my password on google at the moment.)

Marie said...

I have so many favorite Christmas memories. After all, it is my favorite time of year! But one of my favorite is from last year. I found the rocking horses that Grandpa O. Made for Ben and Nate when they were two, and I learned how to refinish Ben's. It was a lot of work and a couple of days before, I thought it wasn't going to come together (the seat came off the body). When I gave it to Ben, he started to cry. Nate says he doesn't remember Ben ever crying. And Ben later said that it is one of his favorite memories too.

Miss Z said...

Ok, I'll admit I'm a sucker for giveaways!

My fav Christmas memory is when I was probably 8? My dad made me a rotating doll house for some Holly Hobby dolls and my mom made all the furniture and accessories! I still have a lot of the furniture but don't know what happened to the doll house. It was so special because I knew my parents loved me since they would go to the trouble to make something so nice.

Ann Marie said...

OOOH! Good givaway!!
Kelly is THE best! :)

Sooo many favorite christmas memories! Does it have to be presents?? If not.. then I will say how much I loved Caroling with the Family and Grandpa Tenney. I loved singing.. and hearing Grandpa LOUDER than all of us. He was always so proud of his Grandkids.. and the neighbors were always so Happy..

Smithers said...

Sneaking up stairs to see if we could catch Santa leaving the presents and never being able to. I remember the tree lights being left on and the whole room looking so warm, sparkly and magical.
My other favorite Christmas memory is on my mission. Christmas is such a fun, wonderful time in Germany. I remember singing carols on the street by the Christmas market, smelling all the wonderful smells and the feeling of giving something back.
The "tree" in our apartment was made of pictures of the Savior put in a tree formation and taped on the wall. I will always remember that. I will also remember going home the following year right before Christmas and being with my family after being away for such a long time. Such a great feeling.

Mica said...

Wow Megan, What an awesome giveaway!

I think my favorite Christmas memory was when I was about 10. My dad got each of the kids a gun so we could go shooting. The funniest part of it was that he failed to tell my mother (he must have known what would happen) and he put them on the couch lined up after she went to bed on Christmas Eve. She was as shocked as we were on Christmas to see our surprises. Funny though how I never saw those guns again :)

I still laugh about it every time I think of Christmas morning.

(Mica Humes)

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