Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oliver Twist

I hope all of you had the chance to see Oliver Twist on Masterpiece a few weeks ago. Did you love it as much as I did? I have seen many theatrical and stage productions of this beloved Dickens classic, but I have to say this was probably the best.For one thing it featured two of my favorite actors: the talented Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda, The Secret Life of Bees) as Nancy, and the hilarious Timothy Spall (Harry Potter, Enchanted) as Fagin; both brilliant in their respective roles. I was also very pleased with newcomer Morven Christie (Lost in Austen) as the lovely and kind Rose.
For those who don't know, Oliver Twist is the rags to riches story of an orphan who, despite his tragic circumstances, remains a sweet and loving child. Out on the streets, Oliver gets caught up with a gang of London pickpockets, until he finds a home with a genteel and sympathetic family. Beautifully filmed, and set to a fresh and funky score, this story finds new life on Masterpiece. Happy viewing!

P.S. This Sunday is the 4th installment of Little Dorrit. What do you think so far?


Suzanne said...

Dang it! I hate that I have no TiVO. Do you know if they make it on to video to rent? -Suzanne

NutMeg said...

Yes you can rent or buy these movies. I have even seen them at my local library. Sometimes they will air them again later, or you can try their website:

Marie said...

I'm gonna have to see these some day!