Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy fashion 2009

Cupcake Chowder presents:
1st annual best-dressed at the Grammy's.

The title of best-dressed goes to presenter Gwyneth Paltrow. Yay Coldplay! Mrs. Martin wore a stunning silver Versace mini dress and Chopard earrings. She managed to look sexy and fun all at the same time. Love it!Our first runner-up goes to Katy Perry. She looked fresh and lovely in this bubble gum pink Basil Soda gown. I love the floral satin piece and retro hair. This girl cleans up nicely! Second runner-up goes to Taylor Swift. She looks like a Grecian goddess in this black Kaufman Franco dress. I love her soft hair, and was pleasantly surprised by her performance.
The Miss Congeniality award goes to the fabulous Queen Latifah. She proved that full figured women can look dazzling too in this Gustavo Cadille cocktail number. I love the color!
Who was your favorite red carpet diva?


Suzanne said...


I have to fiercely disagree with your winner! Silver panty hose! No, no! And I believe the Fashion rule is no mini skirt after 35. I believe Ms. Coldplay is older than that. I enjoyed your other picks, and I hope you are not angry. But this is one, no! I cannot agree! -Suzanne

Mel said...

I thought the Queen looked so good. I didn't watch most of it but saw a few parts. I like your picks!

Ann Marie said...

Love the picks.. Don't love the pantyhose color like Suzanne said, but her hair and overall package is great! I love Gwenyth!
They all look great! Thanks for posting.. I am so out of it.. Didn't even know the Grammy's were on.. :)

Marie said...

I get so frustrated with red carpet fashion. I love the tuxes and men in their dapper suits, but if the women aren't baring most of their assets, then they're pronounced boring or worse. I personally loved Audrina Patridge's dress. It's a beautiful color and simple.

Hate Gwyneth's dress, I like Katy Perry's style (though the bow is too big for me).

Sorry I'm a party pooper . . . I just don't get fashion, I guess.

Tierra Lynne said...

Magan i just love how you do this! Always posting things from the awards shows. I just never get around to watching them, and then if i hear someone had a great performance i just youtube it.

Well, i do like Gwenyth's dress, the no thanks.

Taylor--love her, seeing her in june! Yippie cant wait--liked the dress. major no thanks.

But, that you do this! Cant wait for the Oscars! I will at least TRY harder to watch that one. Its my fave.

{Mo} said...

I have to agree with Suzanne... I really didn't like Gwenyth's dress and it wasn't just the tights?
But I loved all your other picks!

Aimless said...

I love that you always stay up to date with the celebs meg. I love to see whats going on and all the glam but I never get around to it.

and I vote for the pink dress. kinda old fashioned I think, yet beautiful!

Lindsay Duerden said...

I loved Katy Perry, Carie Underwood and Audrenia from the Hills dresses the best. On the the other hand I hated M.I.A.'s dress and performance outfit.

Me said...


I have to agree with you, but that is only because I didn't watch the show and these are the only ones I've seen. It's nice to see most of them have at least a semi-modest dress on!

Adele said...

I agree about the tights.... they're a bit hideous. But I thought she looked good, anyway.

Generally I'm neither a 'pink' nor a 'bow' fan.... but I actually thought Katie pulled it off!! I'm kinna shocked. (Helps that she could make a burlap sack look good.)

And yes, Queen looked stunning. Good on her for not giving into Hollywood's obsession with sticks!!