Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giveaway time!

Welcome to Cupcake Chowder's 1st annual giveaway!

Today's giveaway is this cute black and white damask journal with sassy pink pages. This lovely notebook was the door prize at our latest Sweet Treats Book Club meeting. Isn't it darling?

So here is what you have to do: leave a comment. Yup, it's as simple as that. Leave a comment and let me know your all-time favorite post from Cupcake Chowder. Are you new to my website? Then I would like suggestions for future posts. What would you like to see more of?

I will announce the winner in a few days, and your journal will arrive shortly thereafter. (Yes, I will even ship internationally for my dear friends who live across the pond). Have fun, and good luck!




{Mo} said...

I'm first, gasp! Love the journal, so pretty.... I want it. XOXO~ Monica
By the way, about your winnings. I'm hanging my head in shame that I haven't gotten them to you yet, but, well I really don't have a good excuse, but I do promise they will arrive shortly, well, as soon as I finnish them! SOON, my friend, don't give up on me!

Suzanne said...

So as I was reviewing my Cupcake chowder obsession, I was trying to be able to not confuse myself with your other blogsite. So here are my favorites:

1. Anything Jane Austen. I am actually going to go rent Becoming Jane today to watch. The review was great and I love when you get me excited for Jane Austen books or for movies.
2. I love your posts on gifts. You always have a classy idea on a gift to give away either on your favorite things or something seasonal that you list.
3. Your personal trip to the Shakespearean Festival and the little cottage that you found. I am still so vicariously living through you on that little jaunt down to Southern Utah.
I just love me a good cup of cupcake chowder!! Also, I saw just now, don't know why I didn't notice it earlier, that your book for book club is Goose Girl. Mind if I come and chat! One of my all time favorite books! -Suzanne

{Mo} said...

OK, I'm a dummy.... I didn't tell you what my favorite post was. I loved the finds you got when you went shopping with Ann. OHHH, and the vintage journals, so cute! Really, Meagan, I just love you.... your spunky personality, your eclectic tastes, your oppinions on things, YOU are a great gal and I've loved getting to know you!
PS~ I'm missing "This Girl's Life"

Karolina said...

I liked your post about the Golden Globe dresses. Who doesn't love fabulous dresses?!

TheTinyJEWELBox said...

My favorite post was about Cyrano!

Allison said...

You are so cute. Don't put me in the drawing, but I wanted to tell you my fave post(s). When you post recipes, I love it because you always put pix with it so I know how mine should turn out, or something close to it.

Allison said...

PS-I still want your yummy chicken recipe with the cream cheese.

Cristy said...

I love so many of your posts, it is hard to pick just one! Some of my favorites are:

Your posts on art. I particularly enjoyed your comments on John William Waterhouse’s paintings and about your visit to the Chicago Institute of Art.

Your movie reviews. The Other Boleyn Girl and Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day are just a couple of movies I have watched because of your recommendations.

Your lists. I love the best-dressed lists, book lists and movie lists. It is fun to compare opinions and get suggestions of things to read and watch.

Ann Marie said...

I love it all! and I LOVE YOU!

I love the reviews, finds, recipes, books, and anything you post.. You are such a good writer, good friend, and I miss the other blog as well! Are you going to combine them, or leave them seperate??

I love the tea cup And journal! Great giveaways.. Until you quit blogging, I will always be visiting! See you tonight!

Carolyn G said...

That journal is adorable. My favorite thing about your blog are the recipes. I am trying that stuffed mushroom recipe this weekend!

Anonymous said...

My most favorite post you did was about the Jane Austen Masterpiece Theaters- Persuasion and Northanger Abbey compelled me to read the books for the first time, which I loved!

I also love the cool recipes, descriptive book and movie reviews, and of course ANYTHING art related!

Marie said...

I love your reviews, your posts on fashion (a sense which I sadly lack), your recipes, and things like the story about Longfellow. And I love your sharing the antiquing finds. I still need to go with you sometime.

Mel said...

I feel like you are so much more sophisticated than me with this blog! I love it and it makes me appreciate and look at the finer things in life :) I loved your posts on all the twilight stuff. You do such a great job of writing!!! I love that about you. I also love the giveaway prize and hope I win!!!!

MIL said...

Well, you should know that I love them all. Favorites would be Jane austen (I can't believe Mike found someone I can totally relate to). also, love your cooking and aprons. (PS - no drawing please - I am down sizing not adding more).
Love, Your favorite MIL

Me said...

I have to agree with everyone that has commented. You are such a great writer, and honestly I don't remember which blog you wrote what on.

I do like your reviews alot. The always make sense to me.

But I do have to say that the most memorable thing about you blog is the title. I love it! And I loved getting together with you the few times that I have this last year. You are so spunky and fun and just a blast to be around.

Susan said...

I don't know how I missed this. But I do so want to try your mom's stuffed mushroom recipe. John made some for Thanksgiving and they were really good. I wonder if it was the same recipe?

Elaine said...

I have found a new, delicious cupcake cafe for you. It's in Salt Lake on 800 South, just 14 East (not 1400). Here is the link to their web page:
I have enjoyed every one I tried...

Tierra Lynne said...

Megan, I LOVE YOU! You will forever be known as the "it" girl!

Your blog reaches to me in every way but to say what I love the most when you post is first up anything Jane Austin. Then Shakespeare. Oh but wait i LOVED the photography of the Disney princesses.

EVERYTHING !!! !! !!! Always shows a little piece of me. I'll never forget the night Ann told me to come here to cupcake chowder and i stayed on it for like 4 hours just browsing old post.

Keep it up sista cause the choirs listening!!!