Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seduction Meals

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I felt it was finally time to plug one of my favorite blogs- Seduction Meals. It's done by a cute little gal named Terry Degrosa, and it has all kinds of great recipes and ideas to make a romantic meal. Terry's motto is perfection, and it is simply this:
"Everyone should learn to master one dish that is their signature dish - a Seduction Meal, to enchant and captivate that certain someone in your life..."
I love it! Isn't that great? I mean, really, every girl (and boy) should learn to make at least one very special meal. A dish her family looks forward to eating, and that she herself, enjoys cooking. At my house we rotate through several favorites. I love making unique salads and fresh soups, but hands-down one of my signature Seduction Meals is my Southwest Shepherd's Pie. My husband raves it's the best he's ever had, and while I don't want to brag it up too much, it's just a bowl full of simple, warm goodness. Another one of the things I like the most on Ms. Degrosa's blog, is her section titled Romance + Seduction. It has all kinds of great ideas, tips and recipes to spice up your night. Meow!

I hope you are all a little inspired to think about your signature Seduction Meal. It could even be an unusual drink or fancy type of dessert. What can you cook really, really well? Maybe you don't have a Seduction Meal? Now is the chance to pull out that dusty old recipe box, or go on-line to try something new. It's a great chance to experiment, and a lot cheaper than eating out. Don't forget to let loose and have a little fun! Best wishes for a lovely Valentine's Day.


Cupcake Chowder


Tierra Lynne said...

Yay First!

Meow--Seduction...Now, If i only had someone to seduce???
But, your right, and or shes right...we all need to learn that one meal that goes straight ot his heart and then when he's done with the meal...Well...meal number 1 -We are Dessert -wink!
~Bow bow cica bow bow~

Marie said...

I guess my seduction meal would have to be chili and cornbread because Nate absolutely loves it! But I'm always up for trying new things too. :D

Suzanne said...

Oh man!! I don't think I make anything that Brian raves about!! I guess I need to work on that! Well look at you litt miss seductress!! Encouraging us for Valentines day! Now if I can just get him to be on the same wave length as me. Will work on this (as he is coughing up a lung), well, I still have 2 weeks right? -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

I love that picture! I had a framed print of it long ago.. I love the passion in it.

I am going to check out this site!
I have a few favorites that Chad enjoys.. I don't know that there is just one special meal though..

Loved this post!

Lauren said...

Oooo! I am going to check out that Seduction Meal blog. That sounds like just what I need :)

Adele said...

Hi Megs.... Yeah, I know. I've been rushed off my feet recently, and haven't done more than read through people's blogs. But life's coming back down to the dull roar that is my trademark! Part of the insanity has been moving to Utah. But I'm only here for the semester. I'm teaching at the Y. I'm only just up the road from you. I'm staying with my Aunt/Uncle in PG. I'd love to get together with you. I'm sort of splitting my time between BYU and Lois in Salt Lake, but I can always make time to see you :) I spent the night up at Leah's the other week. That was fun. And Lois and I had lunch with her on her birthday. She stopped off in Salt Lake on her way down to yours.

Anyway, Love you lots!
387 1178

Adele said...

P.S. And MAYBE I'll even get the chance to need to use a 'Seduction Meal' this year . . .

Anonymous said...

I SO need to find my signature seduction meal! Just the name sounds sexy :) And I also love that picture- the oblivious people rushing around the couple is a stark contrast to them being so into each other. How romantic. thank you for getting me into the Valentine's spirit!

Seduction Meals said...

Hi Cupcake Chowder, thank you so much for this post. What a lovely surprise- you made my day! I am happy to have discovered your blog and will be sure to add you to my blog list. Cheers, Terry