Monday, August 11, 2008

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

The latest creation from magical muggle author J.K. Rowling is this stunning collectors edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Offered exclusively through, this leather-bound collector's copy is a costly $100, but is seemingly worth the price. With re-creations of Rowling's original hand-written introduction, as well as drawings and extensive notes taken by Professor Albus Dumbledore himself, the book looks to be a rare treat. Along with 5 short stories by the Bard himself, this handsome volume also includes background information on wizarding society and history; from the early muggle "witch hunts" to present-day dark arts and beyond. Beedle the Bard (to be released December 4, 2008) has jumped to the top of my "wish list", and would make a wonderful gift for your imaginative would-be-wizard or collector of rare and unique treasures. Happy reading!


Marie said...

I'm very excited about it too, but I gotta say that we'll be getting the $7 version! But either way, all of the proceeds will go to Rowling's favorite charity, which helps children in orphanages and institutions across Europe. :D

Adele said...

Yes, I must admit I fell into the 'I've got to have it' trap. I pre-ordered mine yesterday! :) But I figure, it's the only book series I've ever obsessed over. (I've never even read one of the Twilight whatsitcalleds by Stephanie Iforgethersurname. Please tell me we can still be friends?) So I'm not going to be doing this very often. Once in a while you've got to enjoy life, too.