Saturday, July 12, 2008

Entertainment Weekly: The Twilight Saga

It seems I can't go very long between posts about the fabulous Stephenie Meyer or her vampire book, Twilight. Perhaps I'm more obsessed than I thought? Oh well. Yesterday I came home to find my husband holding aloft our latest copy of Entertainment Weekly. "Guess who is on the cover?" he smirked.

"Edward and Bella!" I shrieked. (You would think I was a 15 year old girl.) I grabbed the magazine from his hot little hands, and began to pour over every page, picture and anecdote. *sigh* I wasn't sure I could wait until August when the final book Breaking Dawn is released (let alone December for the Twilight movie premiere), but the Entertainment Weekly articles just might see me through. Grab a copy if you get the chance, or feel free to come to my house and read one of mine...I have two after all!

P.S. My favorite picture (above) from the EW article. What are your thoughts on the new Breaking Dawn book cover? I just read a romance novel about chess players, and now I'm pretty intrigued.

P.S.S. Don't forget to check out my newest feature on Cupcake Chowder;
a countdown ticker to Breaking Dawn.


Ann Marie said...

The counter is hilarious! I havent even read the books, and I'm planning to do the midnight showing. Crazy huh?
I love the picture!

James and Heather English said...

I am so getting Entertainment Weekly like NOW! That picture is making me want to read the books again! Ah, Edward. Love the ticker! haha I really am 15 at heart!

Marie said...

I definitely want to read Breaking Dawn (even though I know she won't end up with Jacob). I love the cover with the white queen and the red pawn; I look forward to figuring out what it means in the story.

I'm still torn about the movie . . . I so love the picture in my head that I don't know if I want to change it. I knew some people who said that about Harry Potter, but I was so excited to see how someone would translate it onto the stage. . . I suppose I'll eventually see it, but I won't be there opening night.

Adele said...

So, should I admit that I haven't even heard of Stephany Meyers? Must be a US thing . . .