Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Host

In Stephenie Meyer's latest romantic drama, we meet Wanderer, an alien who has just taken over the body of a human host. Although the human spirit inside the body is supposed to disappear, she persistently hounds Wanderer day and night with her thoughts. Frustrated and alone, Wanderer and Melanie (her human host) form an unlikely friendship and decide to strike out together in search of possible human survivors. Two of the humans who have gone into hiding are Melanie's brother Jamie, and her boyfriend Jared. Torn between love and life, Wanderer comes to understand what it means to be "human" and all the sorrow and sweetness that living on planet earth has to offer.

Stephenie Meyer once again proves herself the master of interpersonal relationships in this unique book. I love that she plays with our emotions as we alternately hate and love Wanderer. I am not especially a fan of the sci-fi genre, but I do love a good story, and on that count this book does not disappoint (I was up all hours of the night reading). If you liked her popular
Twilight series, then I think you should give The Host a try. It was full of all the suspense, mystery, intrigue and of course romance that has made Stephenie Meyer an international bestseller. Happy reading!

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Marie said...

I'm really glad that you liked it! I had read a couple of mostly favorable reviews, but I wanted to know what you thought. I'm glad to see her have success outside of the Twilight series!