Thursday, May 8, 2008

vintage journals

Dearest cupcakes-

A few weeks ago, I made a new friend. His name is Curtis. Curtis and I met at the Blue Goose Boutique, where Curtis had the best booth I have ever seen. Curtis makes journals. Not just any journals mind you! Vintage book journals. He takes old, rare and used hardcover books, and carefully takes them apart. Then he uses sections, pages or illustrations from the book and re-binds them with blank white pages to make a unique and fun journal. I am so infatuated with Curtis and his idea, it's not even funny! I love that he combined so many of my favorite things in to one special collectors item. If any of you are interested in purchasing a vintage journal (or have a book you want made into a journal), let me know, and I can put you in touch with Mr. Curtis. Happy writing!

Love, Meg


Annban10 said...

Cute Cute!
Way to be green, and use something old! ~ And might I say .. Lovely.

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you did the list even though I know you despise those.
I always learn something new from you. :) We have so much in commen, yet we are different too!
I love you!

Gardner Family said...

My friend Steph has been doing this. I wish i was that creative....

Kiersten said...

I like mine best! I wish you had a picture of it!