Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Edmund Dulac

I love children's storybooks, especially when they are filled with beautiful illustrations. Some of my favorite children's artists include: Scott Gustafson, Susan Jeffers, and Dr. Suess (to name a few). Recently however, I was introduced to an incredible artist named Edmund Dulac. I would compare his gorgeous paintings to that of Maxfield Parish, John Waterhouse or James Christensen. Mr. Dulac lived during the turn of the century, so if you happen to own one of his books of fairy tale illustrations you are probably a collector (and spent a great deal of money on it). However, there is an art book filled with his lovely works for sale at that doesn't cost much. It's called Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations, and it will be mine, I assure you! You can also purchase some of his prints at and other websites. In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite Edmund Dulac prints, courtesy of Cupcake Chowder. (Simply click on each picture to enlarge.)


Mariana said...

I agree, he's totally wonderful! The book is a good buy.

Heidi and Jason said...

WOW! Thank you for discovering my new favorite artist! How beautiful!

I'm so glad I got to visit you on our trip! Connecting with friends makes me happy!

Christopher, Emily and Bennett said...

Thanks for the tip! Great pictures! I am currently seeking out new art that I actually like and has some depth to it. I think this counts! :)