Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fix You

Here's a little trailer (courtesy of Coldplay) to get you excited for the upcoming Jane Austen movies airing on PBS. Tonight is the 2nd part of Pride & Prejudice, which you absolutely cannot miss because it features the gorgeous Mr. Darcy in a wet t-shirt. After two more weeks of Pride & Prejudice, it's on to the light-hearted Emma (with the fabulous Kate Beckinsale), and my most anticipated: Sense & Sensibility. I hope you have all been enjoying these wonderful movies as much as I have. Happy viewing!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved Persuasion and Northanger Abbey on PBS, which made me fall in love with the books! I'm really looking forward to the new Sense and Sensibility, too! I checked out the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma from the library, but didn't care for it- she was too petulant and not likeable enough for me. I still prefer the Gwenyth Paltrow version!