Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Oscar fashion

Introducing Cupcake Chowder's first annual best-dressed at the Oscars list!

Our best-dressed award goes to the fabulous Helen Mirren. She was "The Queen" of the night!
Our first runner-up was the elegant and ethereal Kerri Russell.Second runner-up was the lovely Katherine Heigl who channeled old-Hollywood glam.
The Miss Congeniality award goes to bubbly and beautiful Kristin Chenoweth.
*Of course I have to mention that Elizabeth: The Golden Age won for best costume design. Did I call it, or what? Cupcake Chowder does it again!*

Who was your favorite red-carpet diva?


Annban10 said...

Kathrine Heigl was my favorite dress this time around!

I thought the worst was Jennifer Hudson. :(

Marie said...

Helen Mirren was also my favorite, but only by a hair over Katherine Heigl. My least favorite dress was either Tilda Swinton or Diablo Cody--both elicited huge shudders!

James and Heather English said...

I am in agreement with Marie about the worst dressed. Tilda Swinton I think should take top honors though. For best dressed I loved Miley Cyrus' red dress. Hannah Montana, who would have thought?!