Monday, January 28, 2008

Mansfield Park

All of you know at this point that I love Jane Austen, right?

That being said, I definitely have to rant for a minute or two about
Mansfield Park. Perhaps it was the fact that I was forced to read it, and analyze it in my freshman lit. class. Perhaps it's because I will always compare it to Austen's crowning achievement: Pride and Prejudice. Perhaps it's just because there are so many unlikeable characters residing and coexisting within the pages of the book, but I really don't like the story (or any film version) of Mansfield Park. *gasp!* Don't get me wrong. It was still the best hour and a half of television I watched all week. I loved the gorgeous locales, bodice-squeezed hotties, and witty dialogue, but I just couldn't get into the characters or their plights. I sat and pondered this for a while last night as I was laying in bed. And then it came to me, like a bolt of lightning! It's not the story I dislike, it's one of the characters within the story: Edmund. Apparently, I'm not alone in this. Last night I hit-up PBS's website and took their poll: The Men of Austen. Edmund Bertram is ranked 4th on their list of favorites.

I think the thing that is so aggravating about Edmund, is that he is so decidedly
undecided. He is so blindingly stupid, and impotently oblivious when it comes to women. I was so frustrated by the fact that he could not see Fanny for who or what she was until the last 30 seconds of the film! Urgh! Give me a man who knows his own mind! Give me passion! Give me stubborn and unwavering determination! Give me a devastatingly handsome brooder! Give me devotion and longing! Give me my strapping and infallible Mr. Darcy for heaven's sake!

OK, enough ranting. What did
you think?


Natalie Harris said...

AMEN to everything you said about Mansfield Park. I literally RAN out of a youth fireside to get to my TV by 8 sharp and was NOT disappointed...but I did feel like they could have developed a few of the characters a bit better...I remember HATING Mrs. Norris in the book, and she was barely a figure in the show. I also remember the sisters having a much more antagonist role...but it was a LONG time ago so maybe I'm making it up...the only thing I don't want that you want is the "determinedly stubborn" man...

Christopher, Emily and Bennett said...

Two thumbs down for Edmund. Blech. What a weeny.

Heidi and Jason said...

Mansfield Park paled in comparison to the other movies. It seemed like there was nothing really going on, or at least it was difficult to care since there wasn't a lot of character development. I think I was comparing this Fanny to the girl in the other version- Frances O'Conner- who had quite a bit more dialogue, and thus, character development! I can't wait to see the new Sense and Sensibility!